Thursday, 8 September 2022

More Imperial Guard Mass Transport

Yet another project that I've had to get a shuffle on with.

Althpugh all the trailers are constrructed, I've only had enough time to crack on with the cab, one transport trailer and the weapons carriage from Watcorps Designs.

Any issues with the builds are due to me being cackhanded but this kit is a godsend if you want to do Necromunda on the cheap. I assume the stl files will be available but this printed copy was less than one GW Ridgehauler cab by itself.


Wednesday, 7 September 2022

Primaris Reinforcements

Much like the fate awaiting my Cannon Fodder/ Last Chancers project, this Primaris tank has been holding over since I left the UK last April.

 Nevertjeless, it's now built and waiting to join the ranks of the Silver Templars.  I should be receiving some new bikes and ATVs via the Imperium subscription but these are likely to join the ranks of the smaller Howling Griffons force.

Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Alternate Last Chancers

I am seriously running out of project time.

Work may soon be seeing me out of the country again.  As a result, it was off to the painting pile to crack on with the 40K Last Chancers inspired Cannon Fodder.

Predominantly Wargames Atlantic models, these have been upgraded with some of the Stargrave parts to customise them into characters to take the lead amongst the rank and file penal troops.

 Unfortunately it looks like the female Cannon Fodder box will be along once I'm out of the UK so this project will go seriously on the back burner for a while.

Sunday, 4 September 2022

Kickstarter Fun With Not-Ratling Snipers

 From Victoria Miniatures comes their first Kickstarter.  Halfling Snipers.

Now, Victoria Lamb has done a massive amount in keeping the scfi fi Victorian/ Praetorian ideal alive.

First of all was her massively converted Praetorian army for 40K, followed by her first forays into miniature design and resin casting. Although I've cleared them out to make space, I've had a fair few of Vic's minis including kilted Praetorians.

With great delight, she announced that due to popular demand, the snipers will include (as a paid add on) pith helmets.  Now, I had already pledged for a squad but I neraly set the laptop keybpard on fire with the speed I went back onto the site to sign up for these bad boys (or girls as the add on is for 10 male and 10 female heads).

Saturday, 3 September 2022

Grimdark Camel Corps!

Finally.  My dream of possessing some Praetorian Camelry is realised.

Wargames Atlantic and Shieldwolf haave allowed me to realise a long desired project.

They're not perfect. There is a scale difference between the sculpted on Shieldwolf legs and the WA parts but until something better comes along, they are


3D Printed Terrain

The Bulldogs are sheltering in some 3d printed terrain from the company Endertoys Terrain.  They are US based but sell some items via Amazon.  Their main website is:

This one is from their Siege The Shore set which also comes with some sandbags, tank traps and ammo crates.

It does appear unfinished but some foam board could be used to construct a roof I suppose.

 The range includes contemporary, sci fi, fantasy and a range of dungeon terrain.

Sunday, 21 August 2022

Necromunda Ridgehauler As Imperial Guard Transport

Yet another work in progress but the Ridgehauler and first trailer are underway to fill my vision of a rapid way of transporting an Praetorian platoon between warzones.  After all, not every soldier can benefit from a Chimera or a superheavy like a Stormlord.

The Taurox turrets haven't been glued into place so I can remain flexible as to which ones I use.  I do have four so each eventual trailer will be able to use one.  I also have spare Heavy Bolter and Lascannon turrets from Baneblade kits so I could change my mind and use those in the future.