Sunday, 17 February 2019

A Bit Of A Painting Frenzy.

Inspired by all the new arrivals, I found it was quite easy to find the time to avoid having them join the Bareplastic Mountain.

The Jackal Alphus.  A nice model but, if I hadn't picked it up as part of a Kirton Games bundle deal, I would probably have used a spare sniper rifle from the bits box to convert one from the standard Jackals box rather than but this one separately.

The large Neophyte squad.

Some added Genestealer shock troops.

The two Jackal squads.

I need to work on a suitably flashy design for the front of the Ridgerunners to break up the flat grey but, again, these are a really nice addition to the range.

What next for the Cult.  Judging y some of the rumours, it would be a Start Collecting box for a Rockgrinder, Aberrants and another Neophyte squad.

Next week, I may look at arranging out the whole Cult.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

New Arrivals

With the advent of some nice weather on Friday afternoon, I was able to crack on with some spray painting plus, in a reversal of last week's delivery, the Ridgerunners arrived a day early.

As was the case with the Goliath, the crew are too good to have mounted on a vehicle so I now have a kneeling scanner bod to add to a Neophyte squad.

Time for more painting.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

The Cult Spreads.

I've only had a small amount of time available but I've now finished off the basing for the Alphus and two Jackal squads and even managed to put together some Genestealers.

I had only just realised that the only four Genestealers I possessed were from the Overkill box.

There should be some spray painting time available this weekend as long as the weather remains dry.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

A Pack Of Jackals.

Giving more fuel to my hopes that future iterations of Guard will be better proportioned than the plastic Cadians are the Genestealer Cult Jackals. 

After a quick trip to the Sorting Office this morning, I was able to spend the afternoon putting the models together. 

To me, the weakest link is the Alphus. There is no customisation of the model although it does look good. 

Considering the price, most would probably be better off buying a box of Jackals with mates and each converting an Alphus with a sniper rifle from a bits box. 

More as I finish off the second box.  Then I move onto the three Ridge runners advance ordered from Kirton Games.

Meanwhile, the latest Praetorians look on with trepidation at the new pale skinned, bumpy headed arrivals and their new toys.

I Will Destroy Lenton... Oh Yes... I Will!

What a fantastic model!

Hopefully, any future Imperial Guard revamps will have some form of Command advisors that will include a model like this.

For those who may not be in the know, the buildings represented on the model are based on GW's Lenton HQ, including the Rhino in the car park!

Disappointingly I missed the Postie by five minutes yesterday so have only just (10 minutes ago) arrived back from the local sorting office with the Kirton Games Jackal bundle.

More work has been completed on the Neophyte unit though, so I'm happy.  Jackal building takes place later this afternoon.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

A Hodge Podge Working Day

Well, that was expensive!  Genestealer Cult pre-order day has seen me pick up the Codex from GW (for the art cards) and an advance deal from Kirton Games of two Jackal boxes and an Alphus for £70.00 ( ). 

In the meantime, skin parts and epaulettes smashed in for the Praetorian Special Weapons Squads.

A Hellhound completed.

A start made on the clothing for the Cult.

Three Reivers from the latest Conquest delivery built with extras from the bits box.

All in all, a productive day.

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Prepping The Cult.

As it's pre-order day for the new Genestealer Cult releases, it's time to start work on the  Cultists I picked up from the Kill Team boxes.

Nice and simple to start with.  A good undercoat of Mechanicus Standard Grey...

Additionally, having bought some more 60mm MDF bases, it has been a prep day for more Imperial Guard Heavy Weapon Team bases.  PVA, chinchilla dust and black undercoat spray.