Saturday, 17 April 2021

Last Of The Production Line

This will likely be the last post with any form of finished product for some time.  Work gets in the way again.

What I do have though is another six Heavy Weapon teams ready to add to the massed ranks.

They can join either as two Heavy Weapon Squads or be substituted into the Armoured Fist Platoon which, at present, has no heavy weapons in the Infantry Squads.

The two demoted to the Sub's Bench at the last moment were still painted up so they don't feel completely rejected.


Sunday, 11 April 2021

The Latest Production Line Pt 9 - Last Minute Reserves Arrive

OK, I admit, sometimes I'm a sucker for an impulse buy.

Good fortune shined on me and I think I came across this lot on eBay very shortly after it was listed.  One Buy It Now and eight troops inbound.

In no way was I going to miss two Heavy Bolter loaders considering the current bunch of Praetorians I'm painting up.

Bad news you two.  You're back on the bench until I pick up more 2nd Ed Lascannons or I decide you'll be Comms operators in Infantry Squads.


Friday, 9 April 2021

The Latest Production Line Pt8 - Space Dwarves Complete

That's another little side project completed due to the ease of the Contrast paints

In fact, I've enjoyed these little chaps so much that I signed up to the latest Kickstarter to feature them.  Another month or two and this force will be supplemented by some more officer types who would likely fit in nicely as some close combat equipped veterans for a Command Squad.


Thursday, 8 April 2021

The Latest Production Line Pt 7 - Lizardmen Complete

That's another side project complete.

No specific rules yet but the Lizardmen have the potential to be proxied into plenty of games.

Are they the bad guys, the good guys or something else?

You decide! 


Tuesday, 6 April 2021

The Latest Production Line Pt 6 - Praetorian Reinforcements

That's the last of the eBay purchases of old school heavy weapons through. Unfortunately, due to a lack of autocannon and heavy bolter loaders, two lascannon crew have been press ganged.


Monday, 5 April 2021

The Latest Production Line Pt 5 - The Lizardmen Advance

Another hit from Wargames Atlantic.  The Lizardmen are simple to build and, as mentioned in a previous post, have plenty of options.

I'm considering that the Lizardmen have a form of caste system that awards the different military roles.

The squad below are painted in Plaguebearer Flesh and have autoguns and respirators.  They are a form of elite shock troop for the army.

The second squad are more of a line infantry type and are equipped with the muskets/ rifles/  They are marked out with a different yellow and red colour scheme.


Sunday, 4 April 2021

The Latest Production Line Pt 4 - Painting The Space Dwarves

I'm using the Contrast approach with these fine gentlemen.

Red is being used for the quilted jackets and berets along with Militarum Green for jackets and trousers with different shades of brown being used for boots/ gloves and webbing.

I don't have a Contrast orange at present so have used Jokaero Orange with a coat of Ityanden Yellow Contrast over the top.

The Commissar's uniform is Templar black.

Weapons are Basilicanum Grey which gives a nice metallic effect.