Thursday, 19 July 2018

New Blood Axe Pith Helmet Mob and Potential Kill Team

Considering the massive market for alternate Orks and Ork bits to add to GW models, I'm surprised no-one has gone for a pith helmet option.  Maybe WWII German Orks are more popular.

Taking advantage of the next best thing, being Curious Constructs pith helmet Ogres, I have started on a Blood Axe mob who were obviously impressed by the way the Praetorians died at Big Toof River!

Taking clippers and files to the helmets, I've hollowed out enough for them to fit on Ork heads.  I just need to order some more from the Kirton Games store as I only have seven at present.  Additionally, I need to wait for a week to check out the full Kill Team rules.  This Mob may be upgraded to Kommando status.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Stripping The New Purchase

A small amount of work on the Superheavy Chassis today.  I've stripped off most of the fixings the original builder added such as the turret with the converted weapon mount and the command post type are at the rear.

By ripping off the plastic card and parts from the turret, I found the actual Baneblade turret underneath.  I just need to find a bits seller with the cannon to go with it so. that the mount can take pride of place on the top of the Leviathan.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

One Person's Dead In The Water Project = My Gain Part One

You find the strangest things on eBay.

This beast is a modeller's attempt to throw two Baneblade models together to create some kind of big Stormlord/ Gorgon monstrosity.

Now, I have been tempted to create a Leviathan conversion so for the princely sum of £40.00, I have a flying start on the track/ undercarriage for the model.

This will be a slow time build but I have foamboard left over from the Donkey Sanctuary project so I can put together a rough frame ready to be overlaid with styrene sheets and detailing.

Wait until my other daft purchase turns up.  Someone's self printed Baneblade!

An Imperial Guard Catch Up Day

A bit of darting between tasks today.

Time to finish off some of the Curious Constructs gunners, a new wheeled Taurox for the Greenjacket veterans and the finishing touches on the Nobles squad.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Those Sunny Days Out Are Getting In The Way

Time to go the record, once more, about how much of a crap hole I find the South West!!!!

Nothing to see, or do, especially when you get there early before the crowds and take full advantage of the fact that most people are waiting for the school holidays to start.

In the meantime, I am finding that hobby progress has slowed but progress is being made.

The squad and an Officer for the Ventrillian Nobles.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Time For Some Housekeeping

Not the most exciting of blog photos but it's about time that all my squads had access to a comms set.

I prefer the Catachan version to the Cadian one. Hopefully twenty-six will be enough to go round but I'll find out over the next week or so.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

When You Can't Stop Starting New Projects...

As someone who still likes Rough Riders, I'm always on the lookout for some GW Empire Pistolier horses.  I have found out that it is often cheaper to just buy a box of Pistoliers direct from GW when they are back in stock online.  Normally I used to eBay on the rest of the sprues once I'd removed the horses.

On this occasion though I decided to start using up some of the multitude of Cadian bits I still have.

Ta Daaaaaaaa!

Ventrillian Nobles, one squad of.  Bless them.  These guys are GW's spiritual successors to the Praetorians after they starred in the Glazer's Creek rematch in last month's White Dwarf

Nice and simple.  Cadian legs and arms along with the Pistoliers armoured torsos, swords and feathered helmets. Chuck in some backpacks from Warzone's Imperial conscripts (bedroll removed) and ready for some paint in the next week or so.