Saturday, 6 July 2013

Now that I've finished's back to work!

I'm finally home from my Government sponsored time away from home (not a prison sentence I must add) its time to crack on with the backlog.  I was fairly restrained with lashing out this time so I only have some Dystopian Legions Britannians to paint up plus the backlog of Victoria lamb Victorian Highlanders and some GW Praetorians.

I do love this range and with the Black Watch coming out, there's another order going in via The Trolltrader soon.  I especially like the look of the specialist with seven barrelled Nock gun (of Nelson Era and Sgt Patrick Harper fame).

Friday, 5 July 2013

Female Imperial Guard

Being a big Mordian fan (my original full IG army), I was stoked at some of the artwork in the Only War Fantasy Flight book depicting the Mordians, especially some atmospheric artwork of a female Guardsman post battle.

 Then Victoria Lamb decides to expand her range with some of these.

Looks like some extra variety will be hitting my painting table when these are finally released.