Sunday, 26 August 2012

More Work in Progress

Latest order in from Oz.  HMRC stung me for an extra £19.00.  The taxman will have his blood.

First photo is of Highlanders with one of Col Gravis' Gatling Guns.  I can see Vic Lamb's and Curious Constructs' products complimenting each other quite well.

Captain Caine ready to go.  I'll possibly paint him up as a Mordian...not decided yet.

Guilty of sacrilege here.  Caine bisected and given some kilted legs to fit in with my Highlanders.

Victoria Lamb's Not-Mordians.  I may paint these up in a grey colour scheme to make them stand out as veterans.  I've stolen this inspiration from the currently Ebook only "Iron Guard" from the Black Library.

Highly unlikely that these will get painted for a while as I commence my pre-Deployment training soon.  Once next week is out of the way, there may not be any updates until next April!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Move over GW and looking out for mis-spelt Praetorians on eBay.  Check out some more of the previews via the link below.

This appears to have been updated twice today.  Love the closer look at the upcoming Britannians.  Shame I will not be able get my hands on these until April-May.
Some more photos of this range from Gen Con 2012.

#dystopian wars 28 mm Legions. #GenCon

I'm loving the look of those APCs and check out the not-Basilisk at the back.  Lord Flasheart (the pilot) will be my new Fleet Officer!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

I haven't posted for a while due to being extremely busy.  A £120 order has just gone to Victoria Lamb for some more Praetorian/ Mordian/ Victorian sci-fi inspired goodies.  So I needed to see this like I needed a hole in the head.  Looks like my daughter goes barefoot to school with no coat this upcoming school year!!

Concept artwork for Dystopian Legions

Captain Gilbert 'Bertie' Smethington II
Concept art for Kingdom of Britannia Tank Commander (left) and Line Infantry with Specialist Weapon (right)

An example of the highly detailed Kingdom of Britannia models for Dystopian Legions

Only joking.  Like Commissar Dave I have an upcoming jaunt to somewhere hilly and rocky so should have plenty of money next May when I come back.