Friday, 30 June 2017

They're Here.....


They have finally arrived, coincidentally when I had arranged an extended weekend.

Isn't modern technology frustrating when you can live track your delivery van and you are number 134 on the delivery list meaning your time slot is 1630 - 1730 but the van is only half a mile away delivering number 15.  First world problems eh!

Nevertheless, they are now mine and with the order made with Victoria Miniatures for the alternative tracks and gun shield (x3), it'll be a happy August when I finally get the time to put them together.

Nice packaging as well.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Sledgehammer BFG and Victoria Miniatures

As some lucky types on the North American continent have already got their hands on the guns, Victoria Miniatures have released the first of the add ons and alternatives for the set as well as resin versions of the Bones crew.

US$74.99 for the retail price.

 I'm not too bothered by the barrel above but I do like the look of the blast shield.  But do I wait even longer for the tracks?