Friday, 14 April 2017

The Muster At Calth (Mini-Me Version)

Most recently, the muse has struck me with respect to the Horus Heresy plastics.

With some spare time available, I have completed some further work on the two MkIII armour squads and begun the basics on a further two MkIV squads.

I have some of the FW exclusives to catch up on as well.  The work never stops.

After these and following another FW purchase, I'll be building up some MkIV Night Lords adversaries for the UMs.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Ravaging The Bits Box

Every now and again, it's nice to see what you can come up with from whatever bits you have left over from previous projects.

I came up with this!!!

Left over Chimera and spare Goliath bits equals a new vehicle for the Genestealer Cult.

Much better than buying a new Goliath....and definitely better than my previous half-assed Blood Axe Sentinel/ Killa Kan concoction.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

New GW Terrain Looks Good

As one of the lucky few to get hold of the Shadow War box, I've been able to get a head start with the new industrial terrain.  I may not get many more sets but for those with a bit of wedge and inspiration, there may not be a limit to what you can do with the kits.
This is just a rough first build plus you can mix and match through the use of the connectors meaning you don't have to glue it into one static build.

The winner for me is the Mechanicus spider crane thingy.  Looks like the sort of deranged concoction that Toy Story's Sid would come up with.

Monday, 27 March 2017

He's That Tall, He's Got Snow On Top!!

Thanks to work (which does allow me to buy the toys), I'm a week or two behind everyone else with getting my hands on the new releases.  As a result, I've only just managed to get my Spiritual Liege built and undercoated ready for painting over the Easter period.

Now I know he's a bit Ultrabling but I like the model. It will spur me to learn how to paint flames for a start.  He is tall though.

Monday, 20 March 2017

The Bling Is The Thing

I've started to make some headway with the MkIIIs with completion of the shoulderpad trims.
No UM army should be complete without a Red Marked naughty boy.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Mantic Tunneler Update - Not Any Time Soon Then!!!

As I've mentioned in a couple of posts for this blog, I've been waiting on some Tunnelers to do an alternate Armoured Fist platoon for my Praetorians.

Looks like this one could stretch to 12 months past the original estimate time.  Then again, if they come in hard plastic rather than a resin type material, I can wait.
In this update: Information on Wave 2 Shipping, Progress and Estimates.
Hi everyone,
Now that our Wave 1 shipping is all wrapped up and you guys are playing with your lovely Warpath goodies, it’s time to talk about where we are with the Wave 2 shipments and production progress. It’s a mixed bag of news but you guys need to know where we are so there are no surprises for any of us!
The Forge Father Tank (Sturnhammer/Drakkar/Brandr) has finished production and has just left China on a boat for the UK, with an estimated arrival time of April. The Forge Father Hultr and Veer-myn Tunnel Runner have been tooled and we’ve had the samples back. We are waiting on some final amendments and then we can place the production order.
Hultr Test-ShotHultr Test-Shot
Ideally, we will wrap these all up together in a single shipping wave if we can (Wave 2a) but if some people are only expecting one vehicle type and not another, we will work it out and get everything out to you in the most efficient way possible. As soon as we can firm up some dates on production and deliveries, we will let you know.
Tunnel Runner Test-ShotTunnel Runner Test-Shot
As you know from previous updates, we have been impacted by some changes and issues from our regular tooling and manufacturing factory for hard plastic vehicle kits. As a result we have been working on a new solution with a new supplier (who we have worked with on other projects so they we have plenty of experience of their production quality).
The Veer-myn Tunneller is currently being tooled by them and we hope to get the first test samples back in soon. This will inform whether we have a new solution to begin tooling the remaining kits outstanding; the GCPS/Plague Mule, the GCPS/Plague Hornet and the Asterian Chira/Chroma. Obviously we want the quality of our kits to be high and would very much prefer to have them in hard plastic (as we know you would too) but until we know we have a new solution in place, we can’t give any accurate dates on shipping yet. We will keep you informed on the progress as soon as we know, so everyone can be updated.
The Mantic Team

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Ultramarines and Orks

My little break from Praetorians continues with some extra base work done on the MkIII Ultramarines.

They have now been Nightshaded and drybrushed with some Chronus Blue. Time to start the blinging. 

I do love the Orks though.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Huzzah! GW Reference Praetoria Again.

Now,  there was a rumour going around that, years ago, a GW high up considered that the Praetorian Imperial Guard were a slightly amusing joke that had got out of hand,  Hence, their models going OOP whilst older 2nd Ed metals are still around long after the Praetorians disappeared.

This could be further reinforced by noting that the Redcoats In Spaaaace hadn't featured in a Codex since the 3rd Ed version.

Today, however, in the latest of The Regimental Standard blogposts containing advice from Capt Catachan,

there is the line:

Please excuse his colourful language and harsh local colloquialisms: he was raised in less refined surroundings than you, good men of Mordia, Praetoria and Cadia.*

Hooray.  New models please!!!!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

A Busy Weekend

As I mentioned in the discussion below a previous post, I have a slight case of 'Praetorian fatigue' creeping in.

To that end, I'm going to attempt to spread out into some other small projects and catch up on bits 'n' bobs that have been on the backburner for a while.

Relatively new are Kawl, Canoness Verydian and a Krieg conversion provided by Zzzzzz as part of a bits swap.

The Tech Priest I bought cheaply at the PAW 2017 Bring and Buy.

Boss Zagstruck and some Storm Boyz from PAW 2016!

The greenstuff ferrets (berets) were added by me to add to a previous squad.

Time to finish off the Kromlech WWII british Commando inspired Orks.

Throw in some MkIII Heresy era UMs and I should be kept ticking over until Gulliman arrives.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Another Platoon Complete.

As per the title, another 55 strong unit to add to the horde.

Please Mantic, can I have my 3 months overdue Tunnelers.

To avoid Praetorian fatigue, I'll be switching back to Horus Heresy Ultramarines next.  The MkIIIs are now complete with their Forge World pads and have been sprayed.