Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Praetorians On Parade Part 4

Moving onto some of the support for the Infantry, I start with the Ratlings.  

Personally, these are my favourite of the Ratlings produced by GW.  At the time they were being designed (mid-90s), Sean Bean was strutting his stuff as Sharpe on ITV.  I can't help but feel, the uniforms on these guys were inspired by the Napoleonic era 95th Rifles.

My first Rough Riders. These were a mixture of breastplated Rogue Trader Rough Rider torsos with a Praetorian head swap.

Victoria Miniatures Cavalry.  The front ones are metal and the second row are resin.  If I purchadse any more of these models I'll be replacing the lances with some brass rod.  I'm not a fan of them in resin.

As an alternative Rough Rider squad, I bought some of the Curious Constructs motorcyclists and upgraded them with some of the Victoria Miniatures pith helmet heads with goggles.

I have four generations of Ogryn model in the army.  The Bone' Ead model from the third iteration is in the Command Headquarters as Nork Deddog.

The most recent plastic version have been given upgrade heads from Curious Constructs.

Rogue Trader era and 2nd Ed models feature in my second Orgryn squad.

Finally for today, my one and only Flyer.  Maybe the IG will get another one in plastic in the future.

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  1. Keep it coming!! You are seriously motivating me to get my models completed.