Saturday, 30 September 2017

No New Stuff For Praetorians......

.....however I'm sure any future opponents wouldn't object to my nattily turned out boys borrowing the Mordian Doctrines?

Thanks to the lovely Kirton Games ( ) , that's the new Codex pre-ordered.  Now I just need to wait for it to arrive at home so the Long Haired Admiral can dispatch to me whilst I'm working abroad.

Unfortunately, she also gets to see that I've ordered the new Moon Base box as well........

Thanks to the last army review posts, I should be able to price up what I've got from the photos, however, advance word indicates that the Rough Riders have finally bitten the dust.

Ah well.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Unpainted Praetorian Parade of Shame Part 2

 How can the Tinboys redeem themselves?

First up, a fourth squad of veterans to take the black and join the Stormlord detachment.

A Standard Bearer is required to make up a full Command Squad for the  Officer of the sixth Platoon.

A forty five strong 7th Platoon.

A new Heavy Weapons Mortar squad.

Two spare mortar teams are left over.

A new Heavy Bolter squad.

Three new Lascannon squads.

At least I know what I can crack on with in six months time.

Of course, the new Imperial Guard Codex which will be out before Christmas could shake all of this up.  We'll see how it goes.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Unpainted Praetorian Parade Of Shame Part 1

As per the title, let's have a look at the laggards and ne'er do wells that have yet to report for painting and action!

I've picked up plenty of heavy weapon teams along the way so those support slots will be filled up once these are all painted.

The Emperor's Own Sickbay Rangers close up!

Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay......

Next post, I'll show how I'll be grouping these together to paint them up and add to the main horde.