Monday, 21 November 2016

Sci Fi Cyber Camels?

Following some good natured ribbing on DakkaDakka after Bad Robot Minis announced a Desert themed range of sci-fi humans, the company produced the following.

All because someone jokingly asked for cyber camels.

Of course if they did produce such a beast, my Rough Rider counts as sci-fi Sudan campaign Camel Corps to add to the Praetorians would have to happen.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Another Productive Week

The Praetorians have been pushed to the back of the queue and it's been a Horus Heresy push instead.

The Custodes are wonderful models.

Still some tidying up to do, but I'm quite happy with my Breachers.

I may look at the bits market and see if I can pick up some more shields and fancy helmets to try and put together another five as Ultramarines Suzerain.  I'm too tight for the FW £60 versions!

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Kitbash Breachers Complete

As per my last post and having some time available, I finished off the five Breachers and then got to work on the rest of the Prospero stuff.
I should be able to get these undercoated before returning to work tonight so I'll have more to add to my week day painting queue.
I used the most Mk III looking of the shoulder pads from the plastic Ultramarine upgrade sprue for the Breachers but the others will have to wait for a Forge World shoulder pad order to go in.