Monday, 15 August 2016

So, What Have I Managed To Get Done?

Answer: not as much as I would have liked but the weather has been gorgeous.
So, with concentrated hobby time coming to an end....

Two small Sanctum Imperialis and a Manufactorum painted up (still have to build the set from Renegade yet).

An ad hoc bits box Mordian Grenadier Veterans (not the easiest with 10 sets of identical legs).

The first squad of Heresy era Ultramarines including one Red Marked (He's not the Emperor's Chosen, he's a very naughty boy).

Kill Team Cassius from the Overkill box. Not yet completed because aren't they very busy models?

Excuse the photo quality, they were snapped on the fly with a Kindle.

But what is this attached to the Spray Painty Stick of Doom?

Yup, back to normal.  More Praetorians!!! (Another four squads on top of this to paint up as well).

Have a great summer everyone (unless you're Southern Hemisphere in which case, have a great one when it starts).

Friday, 12 August 2016

Go On. You Know You Want To. Greatcoat Female Imperial Guard

Available here from Victoria Miniatures:

Of course, the release of these hopefully means the Reaper Kickstarter Big Fluffing Guns will be out soon, especially as the accessory shells and crates are being released.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Progress Made

Due to the fantastic weather, progress is slow and I won't be doing one of my usual Production Line series as I may jump around items as my fancy takes.

As a result, we have an incomplete Mordian Grenadiers squad, some UMs have received their Drakenhof Nightshade wash and a building with some detail added.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Multiple Ongoing Projects

There's been far too much going on today.  A short notice visit from the gas engineer led to a visit to the Loft of Delights.  While up there I dug out some old scenery and, with the weather nice outside, I decided to go for an undercoat fest!!
On top of that there were some ongoing Praetorian projects....

Space Marine Command Tanks from my Warhammer World visit....

The 30th Anniversary Space Marine....



Some quick builds from the bits box to add some Mordian Iron Guard Veterans....

Buildings and containers....

The beginnings of the Ultramarines Legion....

As well as that, I even managed to get the front fence painted.

But that's the relaxation over, the enjoyment of the summer holidays begins with some outings tomorrow.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Some projects for Summer...Until The Deathwatch Arrive!

Exciting times.  Three weeks off coming up, so time to get back into some building and painting.

First of all, catch up with the plastic Horus Heresy and some MkIV Ultramarines.

The detailed bases came out at just the right time and I've married these up with Forgeworld shoulder pads.

After that, it may be time for some Praetorian elite Rough Riders.
I'm considering some Curious Constructs models for these but don't know whether to go for the lancers or hussar jackets.  It will be some plumed Dragoon heads to go with them though.

Then again, the Deathwatch, along with the unpainted Overkill box at home may take priority.