Wednesday, 11 December 2019

The Backlog Pt 4 - Various Flavours Of Cultists

You cannot deny that GW are widening the scope of releases among the 40K spin off games, even giving these little factions rules but, alas, no full 40K army yet.

As far as Cultists go, there are now the basic snap-fit models, the Renegade Guardsmen and Traitor Command (Commissar and Ogryn) from Blackstone Fortress and the latest flavour, the Firebrand and his Cultists.

I have two sets of the Cultists lines up, one from Escalation and the other set from their solo release. Nice models and like the drum magazine autoguns.

I bought a set of the Servants Of The Abyss to include some more renegade Guard. Using the heavy stubber from my second Cultists set, I have converted the flamer Guardsmen to pack some more firepower.

I'm tempted to got for the yellow colour scheme that I used on one of the two sets painted previously.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

The Backlog Pt 3 - Objectives

A big thank you once again to Warhammer Conquest.

One of the issues contained the objectives set that was only available as part of  the Urban Conquest box.  I've now manged to get the set for £7.99!

Yes, a major part of the sprue is MORE crates which, after receiving three munitorum containers earlier on in the collection, means I have many but there are some nice bits in there.

A nice shrine with a dead hero's sword (and hand) laid on top.

A Mechanicus shield generator.

A tracked servitor. An upgrade from the general release objectives set that had a static servitor to go with the med table.

More shield generators and a comms relay.

Although it's too late for UK buyers to jump on the Conquest bandwagon, I would heartily recommend others across Europe give it a try as the collections begin.  I understand Australia/ New Zealand have it as well.

Failing that, try Forbidden Planet for back issues.

Saturday, 7 December 2019

The Backlog Pt 2 - Conquest Plague Marines

The army that would never have been if it wasn't for the Conquest magazine.

It won't be too hard catching up with these. Typhus, a standard bearer, two Plague Marines and twenty Poxwalkers on the bases.

Despite never owning the original Typhus model, I always considered it to be one of the best Chaos models going.

The plastic version is no slouch either.

Basing and spraying await.  The Poxwalkers will likely be sprayed with Xandri Dust just to add some variety much like my way alternate colour scheme Plague Marines.

Friday, 6 December 2019

The Backlog Pt 1 - Space Marine Heroes Series 3

Back home after three months and it's a big hello to these Gribblie Marines courtesy of a contact in Japan. 

This next series of posts will see me arranging out my hobby Backlog and trying to impose a regime to put myself back on track. 

Currently only on the Japanese market, I have the full set including the paint set Psyker to add to the Conquest based army. 

More once some paint is added. 

Friday, 8 November 2019

GW Keep Pushing Out Praetorian Mentions...

Now, I know Turn Signals On  A Land Raider started off as a little independent blog cartoon but it is now part of the official GW establishment and features on

Artistic licence by the creator perhaps but following on from an Imperial Standard mention and an official Praetorian Astra Militarum painting guide is this:

Those characters used to be illustrated as Cadians.

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Frostgrave Cultists With Sci-Fi Weapons

Well. it's been a while and due to being very busy and lack of/ poor connectivity, there has not been a huge amount of hobby goodness going on. There has been buying however hence a growing pile at home of Plague Marines (Heroes Series 3), Conquest and various Blackstone cultist/ Chaos boxes.

Only a couple of photos here due to poor wifi and slow uploading but I did dip into the Frostgrave market along with some of the sci fi resing upgrade sprues from Northstar.

As a result, I now have twenty cultists waiting to be painted up. Some are lasgun/ autogun/ shotgun armed and the others have close combat weapons.

More pics once my ability to fully be in the 21st Century improves.

Sunday, 1 September 2019

What Am I Taking To Work Pt 2?

Undercoated Vanguard Marines.

Additionally, I bought a box of stuff from another company that I have plans for but I need to build those up first and see where that project takes me.  I may have to make another purchase before proceeding.