Sunday, 1 March 2015

Dipping My Toe in the Superheavy Pool

Picked up from eBay as I was just too weak to resist!


As luck would have it, some of the recent Curious Constructs artillery crew figures fit in quite well as Heavy Stubber gunners.
Now I know that the Stormlord doesn't necessarily have an attached platoon but I'm considering painting some Praetorians up in a different scheme.  At the moment I'm tempted to go with a black uniform with a white or silver trim, kind of Lancers inspired.  We'll see how it goes.
Unfortunately, due to the exigencies of the dreaded 'work' word, there probably won't be any updates or progress during March.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

New Curious Constructs

After visiting PAW last week and ambling past Col Gravis' Curious Constructs/ Kirton Games stall, I decided to avail myself of some more product from the recent Kickstarter. I believe these will soon be available to the retail market.

As a trial, I bought myself one of walking weapon carriages along with the miniature V1 type weapon as shown below.  Again, the castings are crisp with minimal work to remove flash....and how crazy does it look?

(Edit, one reason it looks crazy is because I've put the front legs on the back and vice versa!!!  Silly me!)

The weapon isn't glued into place at the moment allowing me to try it out with the multiple rocket launcher.
I have built all three of the KS tracked carriages now and again, I will look into magnetising options as they fit with the autocannons...
...or the Tesla coils.

Another purchase at PAW was the Lucky Punk mealie bag/ ammo box fortifications.  These are shown below along with the battery of cannon platforms after receiving a spray of khaki.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

I Did Ask If Any Army Is Ever Truly Finished...

...and the answer is no!

Another Platoon to paint up.
This will be slow time though as I want to get some Scions completed and begin work on the new platforms shown on the blog previously.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Good Job The Dining Room Table Extends!!!

As promised, here is my Imperial Guard in its painted entirety.

I have conducted other musters before but last time I left out the Highlanders and the Mordians.  Now, thanks to a new dining table with a fold away extending mid-section, I can get them all out.

Roughly 6500 points without spamming up on Wargear.

The Armoured Fist Platoon is shown below.  Command Squad plus four, all mounted. No heavy weapons included with this platoon.

The 1st Platoon.  Shown in the background are some of the six Heavy Weapon Squads that I can split between the platoons.

2nd Platoon

3rd Platoon.

As painted up over Christmas, four Veteran Squads painted up using a mock Rifles scheme.  The first squad is mounted in a wheeled Taurox and has three converted plasma gunners.

The Praetorian Highlanders platoon led by a converted Victoria Miniatures' Captain Caine (now demoted to Lieutenant and given a skirt!)

The new resin Victoria Miniatures parts went into the squad below.  I now need to buy up a couple of the 5-man squad choices now available from that company to get another 10 figures but 5 with plasma guns.

The Mordian Command Squad.  Much reduced from the original Mordian contingent shown on the site some time ago.  I retained a Command plus two infantry squad platoon with Chimeras, a Leman Russ and two Heavy Weapon Squads. 

The new Hydra.

The Curious Constructs motorcycles. Ready to be used as Rough Riders alongside the Greenjacket veterans.

Curious Constructs Heavy Weapon contingents  I painted the first squad of these in the Praetorian red but my repaint them to match the dark blue Artilleryman colour scheme.  The new resin gunners that came with Curious Constructs' most recent Kickstarter will also be blue.

More Heavy Weapon squads.  Metal Praetorians with the GW plastic weapons.

The Company Command with Master of Ordnance and my 2nd Ed Ogryn Nork Deddog conversion.

A second Company Command using Creed & Kell with converted Cadian Guardsmen and a Sister Hospitaller representing a med pack Guardsman.

I really need to redo the Squat engineer.

A bendy panoramic shot to finish off with.....

.......but is any army truly finished!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Construction Complete!

I've finished off the six static platforms and built the three track units.  I have held off from completing the multiple launchers for now.

I am really pleased with the way this Kickstarter has turned out:

1. Great value for my money.
2. No flaws or miscasts.
3. Minimal flash on the models.
4. On time.

To give you an idea of scale, here's the cannon platform with a GW Master of Ordnance and one of Curious Constructs' gunners.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Two Tickets For The Gun Show!

I managed to get some more construction time in so a quick extra update before I have to head off for the working week again.

Two more cannons built including one for indirect fire.  Notice how the cogs from the elevating platform fit in with the inside of the gun shield.

A constructed multi-rocket launcher.

A couple of views of the flak cannon on the platform.

It is noted on the Kickstarter pages that the flak cannon and multiple launcher do not, at present, fit on the tracked or wheeled platforms.  That is a bit of a shame as I only ordered six static platforms and went for three tracked.  Rob Angell has stated that Kit of Zinge is working on a fix for that issue.

In the meantime, these platforms have been designed with the weapons from the first KS in mind.  As I have spare autocannons and Tesla guns from that project, I may look into doing some magnetising.

With the rumours of some kind of GW Skitari being inbound, the Tesla weapon may have a home on the way.

finally, the resin crew.  These have been designed as two piece rather than multiple separate arms but do fit in well with the GW Praetorian aesthetic.

With the spare ammo sprue, you can remove your favourite ammo type and glue it into the waiting hands of three of the four standing crew below

At present I haven't glued the crew onto the bases as the static mounts come with a variety of extra platforms, consoles and ladders that can be added to the main platform.  As such I may remove the slotta tab and actually glue crewmen onto the platform itself, I'll have to see how that goes.

More will have to wait for next week....unfortunately.