Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Ventrillian Reinforcements

Another project to work on to fully round out a 35 strong Platoon of Imperial Guard.  

Once amalgamated with the 25 already painted I will have a Command Squad and three Heavy Bolter equipped Infantry Squads ready.

Even though the last Chinchilla passed away 13 years ago, I still have what appears to be a never ending carton of sand that was used for the Chinchilla's dust bath to base the figures.

The sand bags are from the Renendra range.

The backpacks you can see on the models are from the Grognards sets from Wargames Atlantic.  I plan to retrofit the others to equip them with these backpacks.  mainly because they look better than the other ones that orginated from the old Warzone Imperial models and I don't have anymore of those.

Although I still have the other three kneeling legs from the Heavy Squad box and other Cadian parts, the plan to build a mortar squad and potentially a fourth Infantry Squad are on hold due to not being able to order Pistoliers from GW.

On that note, for those reading, may your troubles in the current situation be no more serious than my first world problem regarding new toys.

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

A New Assembly Line Series Beckons

As with most peoples' lives at the moment, mine is a little bit up in the air.

I work away from home and, at present, have no option to work from home.

If I do, there are 45 of these to finish.  I started a  mini line at the weekend, working on the Command Squad and a further Infantry squad.  I drew the line at doing 45 coats before working on 45 bearskins and so on. 

For the Officer in charge, I went for the non respirator Bearskin head.  Being of the same uniform as the others, the moustache will help set him apart from the others.

The Medic, although throwing a grenade rather than being involved in first aiding, has a couple of extra pouches as a conversion for his medi packs.

Monday, 23 March 2020

Ten Down, Forty Five To Go

Why do I continue to be attracted to large, horde armies?


I still have another twenty or so waiting to be built as either sci fi French Foreign Legion or to await the potential arrival of Grognard heavy weapons.

Time to crack on as much as possible though as my main focus following today's delivery will be for The Order Of The Valorous Heart.

A Canoness, Zephyrim squad, Immolator, Rhino, Exorcist, Hospitaller and Imagifier are all waiting to be constructed.

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Test Squad Complete

I'm happy with the way the brown undercoat worked out with the Khorne Red settling nicely on top. I've used Reikland Fleshshade as a wash.

It's a project I will be able to concentrate on once social distancing/ self isolating fully kicks in.  At the moment, it's back to work tonight with the potential to end up anywhere in the country existing.

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Not-Vostroyans Trial Run

A little bit of motivation kicked in yesterday.

In preparation for some 'social distancing' it was off for some retail therapy and a search for a suitable brown spray paint.  I had the idea of using brown as, hopefully, a good base for painting a red greatcoat and doing most of the work for the Vostroyan style bearskin hat, boots and webbing especially as there are 55 models to do.

There wasn't much of choice from the wargaming ranges however the local model shop had a selection of Tamiya sprays and I settled for the NATO Brown.

I trialed it on ten models first.

I then went on to paint the greatcoats Khorne Red with Dawnstone used for the inner lining. Balthasar Gold has been used for the respirator and shoulder/ knee pads on the model.  Boots and the bearskin have been given a coat of Dryad Bark.

I also dabbled with the character models from an earlier post.

Friday, 20 March 2020

The Diversion Project Is Progressing Well

It's been a while since I fully immersed myself in the Emperor's Finest so I have quite enjoyed tackling this Primaris project

The Nuln Oil wash has been applied with some Reikland Fleshshade yet to be added to the gold and yellow parts.

These will need to be finished by this weekend so that I can indulge in cracking on with the Adepta Sororitas Order Of The Valorous Heart.  The Immolator, Rhino and other parts arrive this weekend for construction and the troops need painting.

Sunday, 15 March 2020

More Death To The Emperor's Enemies


A Primaris Librarian and a team of Dark Imperium Inceptors join the fray.

Fortunately, Friday's weather allowed me to get some spray painting in.