Thursday, 24 April 2014

Production Line Day 11..and BOOM!, they're done.

As per the title, all 39 complete.

Time to add them to the spares from previous projects and see how they fit in with the rest of the army.

What else needs to be done?

1. Finish Tank Commanders
2. Finish Scions
3. Build Hydra
4. Await delivery of Pask.
5. Finish Rough Riders
6. Finish Motor Bike Squadron
7. Finish off Highlander's kilts
8. Fight the urge to buy the Hammer of Cadia box!

plus so much more!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Production Line Day 10

Staying motivated and with the help of what looks like a bunch of Dog Toffee weather today, I should have these fellas finished.

Weapon casings, uniform eagles and buttons, chinstraps and helmets and that's another 39 Guardsmen ready to muster.

Now should I pick up any more, I may do some Rifles green troops.  Keep Heavy Weapons out and each Platoon can have a squad as an attachment.  Something along the lines of how the 95th and 60th were used in the Peninsula. 

Or could that be how I paint up my Veterans.....?

That's how new projects are born.....

Monday, 21 April 2014

Production Line Day 9

Slow progress yesterday but as a plus point I have now seen the latest Muppets movie.  Some weapons basecoated and those will be finished off over the course of today.  Time to paint cuffs and scabbards as well.

Production Line Day 8

All models have painted skin now.  Time to start on the weapons.

I could have got more done yesterday but the Bullgryns proved a bit of a distraction.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Production Line Day 7 plus Bullgryns!

These are progressing faster than I thought they would.

Jackets, trousers, epaulettes are all done.

Skin on the first two rows is complete.

Time to start cracking on with the weapons and fiddly stuff.
Of course, in between the main event I do divert off to do other things.  The Bullgryns were going to be built after the painting was done but after getting my hands on the box yesterday I couldn't wait to build up the Banegryns.

Good news for those with the magnetising skills, there are separate arms for Ripper Guns, Power Mauls and Grenade Launchers.  Power Buckler and Slabshield arms are shared but you can magnetize those for easy swapping as well. 

Slow progress on the Scions but the Tempestor Prime is almost complete.
 Rough Riders have come along as well.
One test colour scheme for the bikers is almost done.

The bike colour is based on an old Action Man German motorcycle and side car colour scheme.  The saddle on that one was maroon as well.
 One Tank Commander complete.
Curious Constructs Lascannon battery complete.

Production Line Day 6

Painting is progressing well.  Off to pick up the Bullgryns today so there will be other distractions.