Thursday, 22 December 2016

Rausenburg Siege Corps Reinforcements

Say hello to my new recruits!
First of we have the Tannenberg colonel that has been sitting in the waiting room for a while.  She was going to be the boss of some of Victoria Miniatures not-Mordian Tannenberg line however she will now be in charge of the Sledgehammer BFG battery when they turn up.
Providing support will be the first squad of a planned platoon that will act as the defence force for the battery.
Now, what colours to go for?




Wednesday, 21 December 2016

What To Do With Some Time Off?

I'm slowly building up to attacking some projects for the festive period but shown below are some ongoing items.

Two squads of MkIII Marines are now built and awaiting the Forge World Ultramarine shoulder pads before being sprayed.

The latest limited Forge World model waiting some undercoating.

New eBay purchases.  Show at the back though are my first blatant recasts.  These ones are where some enterprising fellow  has amended the Grenade Launcher model to toting a Plasmagun instead.

Please note that I, in no way advocate recasting.  If the Praetorians were still in production by GW I would not have purchased these but, as it stands, I must admit that they did have a certain amount of novelty value to me..

 A Victoria Miniatures Captain Caine model that came free with Rausenburg Seige Corps order.  AS he was resin (and Free) I trimmed his hair and head so that the pith helmet could be worn.

A Made To Order Solar Macharius.

Tonight I'll be putting the female Seige Corps together and tomorrow, weather dependant, I'll be undercoat spraying the Plasma Obliterator I recently picked up.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Plastic Sisters of Battle

Well, there you go.

Any hope of slowing down hobby spending blown out of the water in one leak!