Sunday, 4 November 2018

House Mortan Walks...Again...With Reinforcements.

Making the most of the poor weather I've finally painted up the extra two 'Trooper' Knights to add top the existing House forces.

The two new Knights. Now it's time to start applying the transfers to add some individuality to all of the Household.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Nurgle's Rot Spreads

More deliveries.  This time an easy build Blight-hauler and more Poxwalkers.

Now, this latest release makes 18 of these Walkers.  I've carried out some weapon swaps on these for a 'little' bit of variety.

Next up will be some easy build Primaris Aggressors and a Death Guard character so back to painting some blue next month.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

House Mortan Reinforcements

Due to having to spend more time away next week, I had a little hobby boost to have something lines up to paint when I get back.

As a result, two completed Knights from the Renegade box set.  These two will form the, for want of a better word, the troops of my Knight force.  Whereas I already have two painted with the carapace marking for the Lord and his second in command of the household, the two Knights here will have a plain black carapace and they also share the same style face plate.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Jazzing Up Some Easy Build Death Guard

Taking advantage of some eBay bits sellers, I've purchased some spare heads, arms and shoulderpads.  These have been used as shown below to add some variety to the Death Guard sold so far as part of the Conquest subscription.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Plague Ridden

I've never bought into a really Chaosy Chaos army before.  Yes I hbad the 2nd Ed models onward painted as Night Lords but I never went for Daemons or the Big Four Marked armies.

As a result of Conquest though, it looks like I'm into Nurgle now.  I bought a shop copy of issue 2 and then after receiving my subscription issues 2 and 6, I have three sets of the easy build Death Guard.  So far I've built up four models as per the instructions and then done some hacking and green stuffing on the others for some variety.

The first five painted up. The model second from left has had some arm swaps and hacking to give him a power claw and a bolter..

The remaining four.  One has the cannon and the others are two of the Champion models with green stuff smoothed over the torso mouths and a plasma gun removed from the Champion's backpack and given to the bolter model. I just need to look at some bits seller to buy shoulder pads, helmeted heads and bolters to add some variety.

I also have two sets of the easy build Poxwalkers.  Since this photo I have carried out some arm swaps for variety.

I'l post more updates once I receive more issues and progress with the painting.

Saturday, 6 October 2018


Doing my bit for the hypetrain!

I've never bothered with a Painboy before but he was sitting there on eBay and I had the green stuff available to 'beret' him up.

My Kill Team.  Praetorian inspired Blood Axe Orks!

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Warhammer:Conquest Backlog - Death Guard and Poxwalkers

Issue 6 was the last of my second batch delivery with the first repeat of the series so far.  It contains a repeat of the three easy build Death Guard that came with Issue 2.  As I bought two of Issue 2, I decided to do some hacking to try and get some variety into the squad.  As such I have some bits left over to mix and match with future Death Guard and I may get onto buying some different bits via eBay.

The variant Rogue's Gallery.  I hacked up the plasma gun mounted on the back of the Champion and added it to the front of the bolter carrying Marine.  The second from left has taken possesion of the bolt gun and the power fist removed from the Champion.  More detail as I start to get these ones painted up.

In need of some tidying up and a variant head.  I also removed the Nurgle growths from the shoulder.

I may also look at buying up some Plague bearer plastic bits to add some variety to the Poxwalkers.

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Warhammer:Conquest Backlog

That's the second delivery received so more Primaris and Nurgle (more tomorrow) to get my hands on.

All the Primaris had already been painted up but I had a good crack at the new, exclusive Lt Calsius.

Additionally, the Reivers that came with issue 3 were built with some pre-bought Bolt Carbines from eBay rather than have more with the Bolt Pistol/ Big Knife combo.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Back To Work With A Vengeance.

Unfortunately, I actually mean WORK rather than hobby time.

As a result I've hardly been home for the last month and, apart from this weekend, I'm not looking forward to some more for a couple of weeks.

What have I managed to achieve?

Some headway on the latest batch of Blood Axes.

Some construction and undercoating of some more Primaris, courtesy of  couple of copies of issue 1 of Warhammer:Conquest.  To give some variety to these easy build Marines, I resorted to some eBay bits purchases of arms and bolt rifles to add variety.

More as and when I'm actually available to enjoy myself.