Monday, 31 December 2018

495 Praetorian Imperial Guard

This post is a little bit pic heavy but, with some time off on my hands, I do like to line up the troops every now and them.

Slightly different though is that this series of pictures is focussing mainly on the GW range, not the multitude of other bits and bobs I've picked up along the way. 

By the way, there are 495 of them. 

I have to stand on a chair to get a photo. The dining room isn't wide enough to allow me to get enough distance.

There are six 55 strong platoons of Redcoats, one of which is Chimera mounted.

The 55 strong Tunneller platoon.  Their Mantic Veermyn Tunneller machines are at the end of this post.

Four Veteran Blackcoat squads are the dedicated Infantry attached to the Stormlord.

Four squads of Greenjacket Veterans form a reconnaissance detachment.  They are all mounted in wheeled Taurox vehicles.

To support the Infantry, the Praetorians have supporting Heavy Weapon squads.  First up, two Mortar units.

Two squads of tripod mounted Lascannons and one of Autocannons. 

After the Infantry, plenty of tanks, Commissars, Priests, Ratlings.

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Working On Terrain

I'm quite happy with the amount of time I've had available over the last couple of days, especially as it meant that I was able to complete a long standing task.

After the initial purchase when they were first released, I also picked up another set of Defence Line kits when the Kill Team box was released.

Armed with an Army Painter black undercoat spray and a GW grey spray, I was able to do a large amount in a short spread of time.

After that, it was a case of using some Scenery Screaming Skull paint followed by Castellan Green to add detail to the Martyrs tat help prop up the walls.

Leadbelcher was used for the Defence Line armour panels with a Nuln Oil follow up.

I had previously painted up the Plasma Obliterator.  Now it can form part of an Imperial outpost ready to take on all comers.