Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The Donkey Sanctuary!

I don't know if anybody thought I was joking but I give you... 

The Donkey Sanctuary. 

This is being put together to help my daughter out with the project for her animal care course. 

The plywood has been covered in chinchilla dust (bathing sand not ground down critters. It's my basing material of choice) and PVAd to seal the sand in.  The buildings are basic foam board.  The roofs are out of shot being painted. 

It's early days and there are refinements and painting to do but I never thought I'd ever model up  a gift shop or donkey isolation area (as in medical isolation not punishment routines).  

Of course I'm now tempted to do my own home brew version of the recent Wild Geese prison camp Kickstarter:
and available soon at retail from Sally 4th:
One the project is done, I could always reclaim the boards back as Rough Rider stables......

Monday, 8 January 2018

Other Projects On The Go....

Well, if it wasn't for pesky sunshiney but bloody freezing weather I could have got more done....

What else is on the go?

Terrain and an easy build Primaris Dreadnought!

Tomorrow I'll show some top line Donkey Sanctuary modelling I kid you not!

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Tunnelers Complete

I made full use of the dry stretch yesterday and went spray mad.
As a result, the tree machines are ready at a tabletop standard.
I am very happy with the way these machines have turned out.  Mantic may have to rely on Kickstarter at present to fund their plastic vehicle production but if it gives good results.  Now I just need to reward an independent retailer to buy another two for the whole platoon to be mounted.  I've decided that the extended version will carry a Command Squad and an Infantry squad.
Why an independent retailer?  Mantic have had my money direct via KS.  Retailers also need to get the benefit from the resultant products.

What next?

I need to attack plastic terrain mountain plus I'm being pressganged into building a 3d model of a Donkey Sanctuary for a College project!

Friday, 5 January 2018

The Tunneler Build Continues

I've played around with the idea of showing the armament carried by the Tunnelers to tie them in with the Chimera.  To that end, I've modelled one showing the left over Multilaser from a Valkyrie and a sponson Heavy Bolter from a leman Russ.

Additionally, I've run a trial paint scheme on one using a black undercoat, a spraying of leadbelcher followed by application of blu tac and a coat of Army Painter Dunkelgelb.  I'm going for a more industrial scheme for these rather than my standard black for Praetorian armoured units.

More tomorrow.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Mantic Tunnelers

 Mantc finally delivered on the KS while I was  away.  My order was for three Tunnelers and included an extender compartment for one of them.

They are simple to construct and, as you can see from the photographs, are quite large.

The first one has been built in as the basic version. The drill heads are moveable and reveal the iris hatch when opened up.

The second Tunneler hasn't been fully glued together yet.  The kits contain optional parts to have one of two Veermyn heavy weapons protruding from the hatch when the drills part.  I'm considering taking the saw to one of them and converting the piece to the classic Chimera Multilaser and Heavy Bolter mounted, especially as these vehicles are for my alternate Armoured Fist for Imperial Guard.

Like number two, the third Tunneler hasn't been fully glued yet.  I'm considering magnetising the connector ring piece and the vehicle rear so that I can alternate between standard and extended versions.

This one could form my Command variant with the extra space either being a command post or for transporting an attached Heavy Weapons squad.  I know there is no codex option for that but hey, live a little!

Time to wait for some dry weather to see if I can get some spray painting in.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Building Anvil's Dress Uniform Range

Steak Pie devouring and recovery complete, it was time to build...
As I mentioned yesterday, the Anvil pieces were clear of flash and ready to go.  The addition of recesses at joints allows for a quick and easy fit so these five test pieces took no time to put together.
I've put these together with an eagle shoulder pad for the left shoulder.  The next order to go in will include the eagle but I'll be ordering the epaulettes for the right shoulder as an extra.  I'll also look into ordering some of the belt kits but I may blue tac on some of the Cadian belt kits to these models just to see how well they go.

Tomorrow's post will feature the  Mantic Tunnelers that arrived from the Kickstarter recently provided the Glide and Glow Segway tour I have booked for this evening doesn't go horribly wrong!

Monday, 1 January 2018

Anvil Industry Dress Uniforms and a Yodelling Beaver

Notwithstanding the efforts of some, I made it home for a couple of weeks after 6 countries in 48 hours.  One of those countries was Zurich for 4 hours where I fell head over heels for a yodelling beaver.

I now have two weeks ahead of me to indulge in some hobby fun.

First of all. my taster five man squad of Dress Uniform goodness from Anvil Industry.

These are excellent looking bits with virtually no flash that I can make out to remove.  Good castings as well.

As I have gone for the gas mask pith helmets and breastplate torsos, I'm considering these as being built up as Tempestus Scions.

Hopefully, once the New Year's dinner is out the way, I'll build these up tonight.