Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The Donkey Sanctuary!

I don't know if anybody thought I was joking but I give you... 

The Donkey Sanctuary. 

This is being put together to help my daughter out with the project for her animal care course. 

The plywood has been covered in chinchilla dust (bathing sand not ground down critters. It's my basing material of choice) and PVAd to seal the sand in.  The buildings are basic foam board.  The roofs are out of shot being painted. 

It's early days and there are refinements and painting to do but I never thought I'd ever model up  a gift shop or donkey isolation area (as in medical isolation not punishment routines).  

Of course I'm now tempted to do my own home brew version of the recent Wild Geese prison camp Kickstarter:
and available soon at retail from Sally 4th:
One the project is done, I could always reclaim the boards back as Rough Rider stables......


  1. Brilliant!

    I hope your (her?) work gets a good mark...!

    1. So do I. If she does well I get the pleasure of funding a Uni education. To answer your previous query, I'm on a flying visit for leave before heading back out to the Middle East tomorrow.

    2. Welcome back (briefly)!

      If ever you're in for longer, feel free to give me a whistle.

      Fly casual...

  2. And no, we didn't think you were jokin'. We know you have no sense of humour....

    Looks good so far, I'm hoping that your client gave you a decent drawing and has considered where the utilities and so on would have to run (?)