Sunday, 30 March 2014

What's on the To Do List

The projects are mounting up ready for a spot of Easter leave goodness.  It probably won't be completed but a goal has to be set!!



 Of course I still have to build the other four.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Glutton for Punishment

I just can't help myself!

Here is the next holiday production line in the prep stages...minus the other five on their way.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Open Plea to Third Party Manufacturers - Leave My Pocket Alone

Well aren't we in a golden age of choice.

Upcoming releases for those with a not-Imperial Guard fetish include Cultists, Firing Lines and weapons from Curious Constructs and heavy weapons, Tanks and female warriors from Victoria Lamb.

2014 could be another expensive year!

Curious Constructs:

Cultist Greens.  They'll give me an excuse to use those Cadian legs I've got kicking around in a Bits Box.

Praetorian type weapons and Firing Line parts



Victoria Miniatures:

Not Victorian Steam Punk type but based off the British WWII Matilda  (see my Bovington post from earlier in the year).

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Praetorian Squats Ho!!...with a dwarf sci-fi Queen Victoria as The Boss!!

I received my delivery of Scrunts from the Bob Olley Kickstarter this morning and they are looking great.  Even the packaging is something different.  Each piece is sealed in its own little section of the plastic bag. 
Of course even better is the fact that I now have 25 sci-fi dwarf pith helmeted heads to play with.  Shown below is one of the Bob Olley miniatures with a mini-gun (blu tac'd for the moment).  Later on (being a responsible adult is getting in the way of my play-time at the moment) I'll see how these heads get along with plastic 40K squat torsos.  In these ways, new projects are born!
Other important stuff...the quality of the casting is fantastic.  I can't wait for these to go retail so I can get more.



Saturday, 1 March 2014

You have to love the Wargaming choices nowadays!

More work in progress shots but don't you feel we are lucky with all the choices available nowadays.

First up, more Rough Riders from Vic Lamb mounted on GW Empire horses.

Curious Constructs motorcycle and rider with the head swap courtesy of Vic Lamb.  Now that's the trial piece done, time to crack on with the other four.
 New additions to the Heavy Weapons section again courtesy of Curious Constructs.  Next time I order crew to go with them, I may have to paint them up in a Victorian style dark blue to separate from the Praetorian infantry and make them look more like a separate detachment that has been attached to the Command HQ.

Curious Constructs MULE tractors.

In addition, I regret to say that I've been weak and swooped on a veritable eBay bargain; fourtenn Praetorian figures for £28.  On top of the other 12 that I stripped down recently, looks like my Easter Leave may feature another production line!