Sunday, 16 March 2014

Open Plea to Third Party Manufacturers - Leave My Pocket Alone

Well aren't we in a golden age of choice.

Upcoming releases for those with a not-Imperial Guard fetish include Cultists, Firing Lines and weapons from Curious Constructs and heavy weapons, Tanks and female warriors from Victoria Lamb.

2014 could be another expensive year!

Curious Constructs:

Cultist Greens.  They'll give me an excuse to use those Cadian legs I've got kicking around in a Bits Box.

Praetorian type weapons and Firing Line parts



Victoria Miniatures:

Not Victorian Steam Punk type but based off the British WWII Matilda  (see my Bovington post from earlier in the year).


  1. That Matilda is lovely...

    ...but it does look a wee bit 'Lego'!

  2. Admiral, I think you're wrong. It is appropriately 'rivetty' I think, to fit the Victorian retro-style of the Praetorians (and Mordians, for that matter).

  3. With the barrel of the turret weapon looking as it does, I think it would be a fine Leman Russ Conqueror 'counts as' rather than a full Russ itself.

    The problem with ordering Vic's stuff though is the randomness of HMRC. When I did a £100 plus order I got stung for import duty but smaller orders came through no problem. My last small order did get collared though and it was £4 import duty plus £8 admin fee to Royal Mail. I'm now juggling 'one big order with guaranteed fees' against 'gambling on small orders getting through with no charge'. I just begrudge the £8 Royal Mail fee each time.