Sunday, 20 September 2015

Praetorian Heavy Artillery - Courtesy of Curious Constructs

Greetings.  Fist post again for a while due to my only getting home at weekends.
Now that, by and large, I've finished the most recent Kickstarter products from Col Gravis' Curious Constructs it's time for them to have an airing.
First of all we have the cannon and flak platforms along with some of the earlier multi-barrel launchers. Disclaimer:  the multi-barrel launchers are made from miscasts that Rob sometimes sells at shows. As such they are not indicative of the retail quality of these products.
 I've given the KS exclusive Albanus Zinge a pith helmet to act as the Battery Commander.

The cannons.  I wonder if, with computer modelling, it is possible to scale these up and make Earthshaker size platforms?  Still the Reaper Bones KS should scratch any Big Gun itch that I have.

The multi-barrel launchers.  Again, made from miscasts.

The flak cannons.

The Battery musters for a group shot.  These figures are a mixture of the KS resin crew and the previous metal crew made by Curious Constructs.

All in all, the KS was a pleasure to back and resulted in me receiving some fab models that have been fun to work on.

The mat is one of the Mantic Deadzone KS exclusives.  I was lucky enough to pick up a job lot of six, enough for a 6ft x 4ft covering.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Upcoming Work...More Infantry

With the Superheavies out of the way, its back to what makes the Imperial Guard the Imperial Guard.  Loads of infantry.
First up, the three squads of veterans waiting to join the Stormlord plus the Command Squad for...

....another full platoon of redcoats.

Finally, two trays of the odds and sods waiting for inspiration to strike as to what to do with them.