Sunday, 27 October 2013

Goff Deff Dred Stompiness


The official GW model is above...below is one I actually made using a tin of pub peanuts as the body, with spare Robogear bits for arms and legs.  Bang on some bits box stuff and square patterned plastic card and away you go!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

'Ere Come Da Goffs!

Nothing says ORKS! more than Big Mobz of Boyz.  The first one shown here is the Shoota Mob.

The Nobz for my Mobz tend to be the ones from the 3rd Ed metal Nobz box.  Small conversions never hurt so this Nob has 3 magazines going into his shoota to represent a bit More Dakka!


The Mob shown below was the one I developed under 3rd Ed to be my Skarboyz.  They all utilise the short horned helmet and more pads/ armour than my standard Boyz. 

 Again a 3rd Ed metal Nob running the show.

Choppa grafted on from a defeated Catachan Sentinel. 

 Gyro stabilised monowheel.  Most fun Wargear evah!  Apart from Telescopic Legs..on an overwatching Shokk Attach Gun...hidden behind a wall.  Wasn't 2nd Ed fun?

Nothing says nailz more than fighting with a chain!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

They're Nuns...with Guns!

With a mini-Codex in the offing, I thought I'd dig out the Order Of The Valorous Heart from the archives.  As son as the digital Codex in my virtual hands, I'll have to reorganise what I possess and line them all up for a group photo. 

Banner Bearer converted from a Sister Superior and the original metal Blood Angels Assault veterans box set.

The Witch Hunters Codex release Canoness with Jump Pack.  I don't think she'll be able to use it under the new rules.

The Ephrael Stern limited edition mini.  I did use her as a Palatine but she may be pushed back into the Seraphim ranks now.

Forge World Repressor 

Standard Rhino with Forge World parts 

The Exorcist

Thursday, 3 October 2013

You can't promise me a pith-helmetted Dwarf/ Scrunt/ Squat and not deliver.......

Ladies and Gentlemen,

to my absolute delight Bob Olley is promising a Kickstarter that may see my existing Squats being added to my Praetorian army.

I originally saw the announcement on Dakka Dakka:

So many companies producing so many delightful things.