Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Building Anvil's Dress Uniform Range

Steak Pie devouring and recovery complete, it was time to build...
As I mentioned yesterday, the Anvil pieces were clear of flash and ready to go.  The addition of recesses at joints allows for a quick and easy fit so these five test pieces took no time to put together.
I've put these together with an eagle shoulder pad for the left shoulder.  The next order to go in will include the eagle but I'll be ordering the epaulettes for the right shoulder as an extra.  I'll also look into ordering some of the belt kits but I may blue tac on some of the Cadian belt kits to these models just to see how well they go.

Tomorrow's post will feature the  Mantic Tunnelers that arrived from the Kickstarter recently provided the Glide and Glow Segway tour I have booked for this evening doesn't go horribly wrong!

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