Monday, 15 August 2016

So, What Have I Managed To Get Done?

Answer: not as much as I would have liked but the weather has been gorgeous.
So, with concentrated hobby time coming to an end....

Two small Sanctum Imperialis and a Manufactorum painted up (still have to build the set from Renegade yet).

An ad hoc bits box Mordian Grenadier Veterans (not the easiest with 10 sets of identical legs).

The first squad of Heresy era Ultramarines including one Red Marked (He's not the Emperor's Chosen, he's a very naughty boy).

Kill Team Cassius from the Overkill box. Not yet completed because aren't they very busy models?

Excuse the photo quality, they were snapped on the fly with a Kindle.

But what is this attached to the Spray Painty Stick of Doom?

Yup, back to normal.  More Praetorians!!! (Another four squads on top of this to paint up as well).

Have a great summer everyone (unless you're Southern Hemisphere in which case, have a great one when it starts).


  1. Yep those deafwotch are very busy figures. I did mine in chapter colours with a black arm, just because.

    Looks like you've done loads and still have loads to do.

    1. I have managed to build one Veteran with a Xenophase Blade from the Death Masque box. I can't face the rest until I finish off the Overkill guys. I may have to mentally block out then idea of painting Harlequins!!!

  2. Smashing it with progress! Excellent work!

  3. Nice work - I've done almost nothing...but again: unseasonably nice weather!

    1. It certainly has, until I came back from Spain yesterday. Get to the outskirts of Plymouth and then the rain, it buckets down. Welcome home!

  4. You down in the West Country at the mo mate?