Monday, 21 November 2016

Sci Fi Cyber Camels?

Following some good natured ribbing on DakkaDakka after Bad Robot Minis announced a Desert themed range of sci-fi humans, the company produced the following.

All because someone jokingly asked for cyber camels.

Of course if they did produce such a beast, my Rough Rider counts as sci-fi Sudan campaign Camel Corps to add to the Praetorians would have to happen.


  1. Ha. I love Anvils sense of humour. Their community outreach through Dakka is also class act.

  2. That's mad.

    Also, liking the breachers.

    And do you have a home for your copy of Wolfie McWolferson ? If those sheilds are from the Prospero Box, I'll have some to trade....

    1. Apologies but I'be been on a work enforced absence. I don't have any plans for Wolfie even though he is a lovely figure and the idea of having some more shields is sooooo tempting. We'll see what we can do.