Saturday, 30 September 2017

No New Stuff For Praetorians......

.....however I'm sure any future opponents wouldn't object to my nattily turned out boys borrowing the Mordian Doctrines?

Thanks to the lovely Kirton Games ( ) , that's the new Codex pre-ordered.  Now I just need to wait for it to arrive at home so the Long Haired Admiral can dispatch to me whilst I'm working abroad.

Unfortunately, she also gets to see that I've ordered the new Moon Base box as well........

Thanks to the last army review posts, I should be able to price up what I've got from the photos, however, advance word indicates that the Rough Riders have finally bitten the dust.

Ah well.


  1. What's wrong with the Preatorian doctrines ?

    Oh, hang on, just seen the previous post !

  2. Unfortunately its true, rough riders have ridden their last charge, although you can just carry on using the index entry for the time being.