Monday, 28 August 2017

Praetorians On Parade Part 3

The mainstay of any army.  The infantry.

For my army, this consists of six old school (3rd to 7th Ed) Infantry Platoons.  One of these is a Chimera mounted Platoon.

Of course under 8th Ed, these six former Troops choices are now:

Six Elites for the Platoon Commanders
Five (for the moment) Elites for Command Squads
Thirty Troops for the Infantry Squads

Looks like I'll be taking some Brigade Detachments then!

The Redcoat backbone.  Six Platoons with No 5 Platoon waiting for a painted Command Squad.

I have also finally made an effort to paint up more 60mm bases to place the Heavy Weapons teams on.  They're not glued on as I prefer to keep them separate for more economical stowage in my KR cases.

No Command Squad yet for this Platoon Commander but I have three of the four required Veterans completed.

The Armoured Fist Platoon.

Converted up from Cadians, I used to these as Grenadiers.  At present, there doesn't appear to be an option to give Veterans Carapace Armour so we'll see what happens when the full IG Codex comes out.

Still awaiting one Taurox (converted with wheels), I use these dark green Rifles inspired Praetorians as Veterans, hence the additional special weapons in each squad.

Behind these are the new additions from Victoria's Miniatures using the Rausenberg Siege Corps models with pith helmets and guarding the BFGs.

Also made up from mixed and matched Victoria Miniatures parts, there is the Praetorian Highlanders in nifty kilts.  The squad next to Captain Caine's Command Squad are used as Veterans.  They have armoured torsos rather than just jackets.


Also used as Veterans are the black uniformed troops assigned to the army's Stormlord. As the Stormlord can carry 40 troops, I have another squad waiting to be painted up to join the fun.

The khaki clad Tunnelers are STILL waiting for their Mantic KS Veermyn Tunneler machines.  On a plus point, it was less to fit on the table!

Finally, the redcoated Heavy Weapons teams that, previously, would have counted as Troops along with their Platoons.  Now they take up a Heavy Support slot each.  The final photo is of the Curious Constructs laser cannon and crew models.


  1. That's great. And looks like a homogeneous army. Absolutely super !

  2. Well now that is impressive. I guess I need to step up my game and get to painting. Maybe I will do an army spread as well. I don't have as much painted up but maybe I will use my unpainted as well just to see what it looks like laid out. Fine looking army you have there. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks for the comments. I'm always happy to see other armies.

  3. There's an army to make you smile. Like HB above, I also need to step up my painting game!

    1. Thank you. It has been 19 years in the making but I do enjoy getting it all on display.