Thursday, 31 August 2017

Praetorians On Parade Part 5


As much fun as the Infantry are, a little bit of help and heavy support is always welcome.

They've already featured i na couple of posts but the Sledgehammer BFGs are a nice third party add on to the main GW feast.  As I opted for the track upgrades, these should be fine as a Basilisk counts as.

I'm tempted to get another Leman Russ but in the meantime I have a squadron of two with a third upgraded to Tank Commander status with the aerial add ons.

The lovely Baneblade.

The next three shots are  of the Curious Constructs Steampunk heavy weapons and crews. there's no rason why they couldn't function as part of a Siege Army list.

Finally, the support provided by the two Knights from House Mortan.

Well, apart from the Mordians, that's my little slice of painted Imperial Guard.

Note 'painted', I may have to feature what's in my Multicase of unfinished projects.....

Thanks for looking in and the comments.

As stated previously, the posts may be sparse for the next couple of months or so but enjoy your own projects and I should be able to find some time to meander through your blogs for inspiration.

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  1. Excellent stuff. You need to list the contents of your closet of doom/plastic crack pile.