Monday, 28 August 2017

Praetorians on Parade Part 2

Bear in mind that I haven't run fully through the 8th Ed IG list yet but first up is the main Command HQ featuring a converted Commissar Lord model as the Colonel (Senior Officer).  Along with him we have the Bone' Ead model I use as Nork Deddog and the Master of Ordnance, Fleet Officer and Astropath as advisors.

Next up is the Creed and Sgt Kell models padded out with a Sister Hospitaller as a medic, two converted Cadian models and a made up Master of Ordnance.

Commissars from across the ages.

The original Yarrick model.  Still my favourite version.

Redemptor Kyrinov and his coterie of Preachers.

The Monty Python inspired Inquisitor and retinue.  These are from Victoria's Miniatures.  An alternate weapon fit for Cardinal Fang includes a....cushion!!

Also commanding a place in my heart is the Squat tech-priest.  I tooled him up with the servo arm from the limited White Dwarf model.

Standby for an update on my Infantry Squads and Veterans.


  1. OMG, the axe commisar ! And crab claw Yarrick !

    And No-body expects the Spanish =I=....

    Have you thought about attacking the top of creed's head with a chisel ? And then perhaps using one of those spare pith helmets to tie him into the rest of the army a little tighter ? It could work.

    1. I'd be more inclined to pick up a second hand Finecast version to try that. As this one is the metal version, I'd hate to waste him on a cack handed attempt.