Sunday, 20 November 2011

Rough Riders

Seeing as everybody seems to be going mad for Praetorian Rough Riders at the moment with Victoria Lamb producing her own as well as Col Gravis and the whole Cavember thing I thought I'd bang out some more photos.
Shown above is the Rough Rider Lieutenant with Command Squad I made using Rogue Trader cavalry and Praetorian heads.

Below are Col Gravis' riders with the addition of Secret weapon small crests to the helmets.  I'm not too sure if it works but it hints more towards an elite corps rather than having ordinary Infantry helmets.

Post Christmas however, it will be a box of Pistoliers from the local GW and a big Paypal order to Victoria Lamb's website.  Funny how there is so much support for the idea of Praetorians after they were discontinued by GW.  The thing is though I believe that they do not particularly fit the "Grim Dark" vibe of the 40k universe but, as a true Brit, the idea of Redcoats in Space is too strong to be resisted.


  1. These are lovely models. I have a few old RT rough riders somewhere around the place. After seeing these, I totally wanna swap their heads over and add them to my army. Nice work. I like what you have done with the SW crests too. I was considering them myself but wasn't sure. They seem to fit beautifully.

    Your right, red coats in space is gold! In my mind all the stuff from the mid 90's wasn't really grim and dark. All the paint schemes were bright and the models had a fantasy cartoon feel. Since then, all the supported armies have evolved. So I'm sure that if Praetorians had been re-released they would have the menacing feel that the current range has. I mean just look at the old orks or the old daemons. -just my thoughts tough. :)

  2. Great job! I think he crests work great! Also I don't think the Praetorians need much reworking to fit the grim dark future, colonial Britain wasnt all that friendly!

  3. ha ha, yeah just a few massacres now and then :D