Wednesday, 18 January 2012

New Projects

Having received my latest items from Victoria Lamb (ordered 1 Jan 12, arrived 12 Jan 12..not bad from Oz) I have plunged on with my latest Praetorian offerings.

First off, new Rough Riders.  I'll have to see what they look like painted but I have no real doubts that I will have another bunch of these.

Also ready to go are more Highland Infantry.  If I ever get around to converting a kilted Harker, this will be the squad he fits in with.

Finally, my first FineCast purchase.  I finally went for the Commissar Lord.  I never bought him in metal because I thought it would be too much pain to remove his head.  Not a problem with this new medium.

Now what to do with the set of Balmoral Cap heads that were included in my order as a freebie!!!


  1. I have also been using VL models, I think she makes some great stuff. I am glad someone else took the plunge on her Rough Riders as I wasn't sure about them, but they look really good, I didn't realise they had the stripes down the side of the leg either which is a bonus as means I don't have to green stuff them! Hopefully the Victorian legs will have them as well when they come out.
    Love the highlanders, I have the same plan in the future to do hopefully a whole highland Platoon but I am quite a slow modeller and that amount of kilts to paint is enough to cause a breakdown!
    Look forward to seeing some painted.

  2. Oh BTW I shaved off the bobbles on the balmoral caps and made them into berets for some storm troopers using Cadian legs if you can't think of anything else.

  3. I'll consider that one. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for showing us these :) They are looking good!