Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Iron Guard Rise

From the depths of my cupboard come my original Imperial Guard army.  Although I had a command  and infantry from each of the metal 2nd Edition IG releases it was the Mordians that I decided on for my main army.  They were the ones that had grabbed my attention when previewed in a Studio cabinet at Games Day hence The Boys in Blue came to be.  Back in those days (before fatherhood and responsibility) I was a regular gamer and these fellas were unbeaten.  Somewhere along the line from there I have lost that skill!!!

The original Command Squads were painted with a white colour scheme to make them stand out.  If you're going to go for dress uniforms, camoflage is not part of your tactical consideration.

I use this squad as one of my Armoured Fists. 

Of the variations of Ratling, my favourites are still the 2nd Edition models.  I think they may have been inspired by the 95th Rifles uniforms plus the Sharpe ITV series had started airing in 1993.

The Lascannon.  The heavy weapon of choice for the squad box set.

With the current points, I now muster approx 1500 points of Iron Guard, slighly less than the 4500 odd of Praetorians.

Still to come next time I get a chance are the Stormtrooper conversions from Cadian parts, my new Command HQ and other additions such as the Master of Ordnance.

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