Thursday, 22 November 2012

A possible flaw in the plan!!!

I tentatively picked up the KOB Riflemen box set before committing to the Dystopian Legions Starter set.  The models themselves are decent sculpts but by crikey, these fellows are tall compared to the GW Praetorians or even Vic Lamb's sci-fi Victorians!

Purists may object to such a variation in scale.  I can still see myself picking up the range however. After all, I'm 5ft 7in and there are people at work who tower over me.  In addition Col MacDonald is, for me, an absolute must buy model.  The armoured vehicles should be able to fit in as well.  In their most recent update from the Reading wargames show, Spartan apparently previewed Britannian artillery but there are no photos as of yet.


  1. wow, they even dwarf space marines lol! Really nice models though. Worst case is you'll just have to start playing a new game :) I don't see the down side in that!

  2. Ouch, that's massively disappointing, thanks for posting this up Ady, i nearly pre-ordered the britannia set as well, glad i didn't! I can understand your point about different heights but to me this is too big, they make normal Praetorians look like hobbits! Hopefully the vehicles and aren't they doing titan like models? will be better fits.


    The link above has some photos from Reading. Halfway down you can see a small photo with the Britannian APC (Green and open backed) along with the Bassett tankettes. The Lucifyre walker looks Orkable!...and I do love me some Orks. Time to branch out with what I post on the Blog.