Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Fun Little Kickstarter For Praetorians

If you are reading this blog, it maybe because you searched for "Praetorian" or "Dystopian Legions".  You could be a fan of Victorian sci-fi in general.  Whether you intended to be here or have blundered in, thanks for looking. 

 If you are here intentionally the kickstarter at the link below maybe for you.

Col Gravis has been at the forefront of keeping the GW idea of Praetorian Imperial Guard alive and kicking.  He has now branched out and started producing his own bits and bobs via Curious Constructs. 

The weapons carriage can have a life outside of 40K however.  Try using it with Dystopian Legions or incorporate it into this new ruleset from Osprey publishing.

Lord Curr's Company
The Society of Thule
To quote Delboy: "The world is your lobster my son".  

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