Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Back before GW rejigged the Kommando models, I knocked up my own Bloodaxe ones.  I still have some of the 2nd Ed Kommando models but with the introduction of the new plastics for 3rd Ed they didn't really match up.  Again I went for a unified look so used the non-horned helmet heads for these boyz and avoided using them elsewhere in my army.  With all of the models in an Ork army being based on the same figures, this would allow opponents to avoid confusion over which mob was which.

The mob above is the second one I made .

The Nob is made using parts from the revamped Ork Boys set.

Again, a more human militaristic look aided by use of Cadian backpacks.

I used the old Gorkamorka AK type shootas for this mob.

The first converted Kommando mob that I made.  These Boys used the top half of the plastic IG Stormtrooper backpacks.  Blades were added to the sluggas to make them stand out from standard Ork Mobs.

One of the metal Nobz from the 3rd Ed box set.

The beauty of the Ork plastics.  Want a Big Shoota?  Cut up a couple of shootas from the frame and Bingo!

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