Monday, 25 August 2014

Oh Dear....I've Done It Again!!!

It's been a while since I posted but I've started a new position which sees me doing a lot of moving around...and then I get bored with a Wi-Fi connection (which is dangerous)...and buy stuff.

Hence I now have another 40+ Praetorians to paint up.

As mentioned in an earlier post, these will be painted up using a pseudo Rifles scheme with the intention of them being Veterans so they stand out from the standard Redcoat trooper.  Kind of like companies of the better trained and equipped  95th and 60th Rifles being attached to Line Regiments during the Peninsula Campaign.

The challenge awaits, but update phots may only be posted on Saturday nights.  I'm thinking Caliban/ Dark Angels Green for jackets and trousers with Castellan Green for epaulettes and webbing.  I'm undecided for the helmets at the moment.  I will probably go for a wood effect on the lasgun furniture for a Baker Rifle feel.

The Curious Constructs bikers will be painted up in the same scheme.



  1. At it again! This is man that knows how to get stuff done!!

  2. I try but it will be drawn out this time around. I've just come to the end of my main leave so it will only be weekend work only.

  3. Sounds like an excellent project, and a good idea to make them a veterans force.
    The dark green colour you have chosen sounds right. In the Zulu War the 60th Royal Rifles wore thier dark green uniforms with off-white pith helmets. Thier equipment belts were black, and so if you were to paint the belts black maybe the epaulettes would look good black too?
    I look forward to seeing how you progress with them.

    1. I was inspired by a Warlord Games Zulu War article on their website. It had units of their 19thC British painted as Rifles and Royal Marines.

      I thought it would be a decent way to make Veterans stand out as the Praetorian model pool is limited.

      I had considered black and will give it a try on a trial figure. Maybe if I highlight the black with grey?