Sunday, 15 February 2015

New Curious Constructs

After visiting PAW last week and ambling past Col Gravis' Curious Constructs/ Kirton Games stall, I decided to avail myself of some more product from the recent Kickstarter. I believe these will soon be available to the retail market.

As a trial, I bought myself one of walking weapon carriages along with the miniature V1 type weapon as shown below.  Again, the castings are crisp with minimal work to remove flash....and how crazy does it look?

(Edit, one reason it looks crazy is because I've put the front legs on the back and vice versa!!!  Silly me!)

The weapon isn't glued into place at the moment allowing me to try it out with the multiple rocket launcher.
I have built all three of the KS tracked carriages now and again, I will look into magnetising options as they fit with the autocannons...
...or the Tesla coils.

Another purchase at PAW was the Lucky Punk mealie bag/ ammo box fortifications.  These are shown below along with the battery of cannon platforms after receiving a spray of khaki.


  1. They look lovely and those sand bags are fantastic.

    The tracked carriages and auto cannons really do pique my interest.

    1. I asked Rob about the new weapons and platforms from the KS. he had boxes of the new items with him at PAW (Plymouth Association of Wargamers show) and said that they would be at retail soon. I think that they are well worth a buy. The only combination that doesn't work at the moment is the multiple missile launcher or flak cannons with the tracked carriage and I believe a fix is being developed. Apart from that, the old weapons and carriages are compatible with the new items and vice versa.