Saturday, 19 December 2015

I Wish Me A Merry Christmas.........

What can you do when work has prevented you from getting home on a regular basis for two plus years and your hobby fund starts to build up through not being spent?

Easy, you jump in with some last minute buying on eBay to pick up another bunch of Praetorians to add to the Leman Russ/ Enginseer combo that were purchased a couple of weeks ago.

This does mean however, that there is a lot of prep work to done including a trip to pick up some Dettol for stripping purposes so it is unlikely that I will be doing my usual production line photos. That said, I do have some pre-prepped models ready to go but they will be done on a squad by squad basis.

Enjoy the holibobs everyone.


  1. Nice pile of Praetorians - and I'm not sure if you've got enough glue (last picture, on the right)

    1. Yeeeess! I've just re-merged my hobby supplies. I have a mirror paint station at my weekday accommodation and I've just brought everything back for the holiday period.