Monday, 6 June 2016

Praetorian Ogryn Conversion Heads

For the Praetorian Imperial Guard gamer who thought they had everything.....

Available here:

Another hit from the talented hands of Col Gravis.

Two packs ordered.  I'll update once I see if I can convert some of my older metal Ogryns as well as amending the 3 plastic ones that I have,


  1. Definite improvement for the plastic bullgryns. Looking forwarrd to seeing them done. Are you contemplating GSing the jackets on them ?

    1. I'm not sure I have the skill set. When it comes to green stuff my hands, unlike a normal humans, suddenly consist of ten thumbs (left handed). Fortunately I have Ogryns of all flavours, including some of the uniformed Rogue Trader variety to test the heads against. Now if the good Col Gravis could come up with dress uniformed Ogre types via a new Curious Constructs/ Zinge Kickstarter.........

  2. Yeah these are great! I'll give the jackets a go and add epaulettes too. Too much on the work desk right now to start it immediately though. I am looking forward to what other people do with them. Post them up when you get yours Ady. I am dying to see how they fit on the metal Ogryns body.

  3. Love the mutton chops on the central head! Looking forward to seeing these painted. Wonderful stuff