Sunday, 1 January 2017

No Painting Managed...

Coming to the end of the holiday period and I realised that at no stage did I manage to get a paint brush in my hand.  I was just having to good a time.

That said, I did manage to get some building and spray undercoating done.

The ladies of Victoria Miniatures' Rausenburg Siege Corps have been put together.  Now I am not nimble fingered and the size of the midular parts along with superglue did get interesting at times!

I even caught up with the Vic Minis backlog and put together the Highlanders that have been waiting since last January.

The Calth plastic Contemptor.

The new Forge World Apothecary.

Canoness Verydyan.  I'm looking forward to the new Celestine model.

The Prospero box Sisters of Silence have also been put together.

It's back to work tomorrow so there will be plenty of opportunity to get some painting done on the evenings I'm away from home.

There may even be the chance of doing a new Praetorian muster after I picked up a 6 x 4 battlemat. They won't all fit on out expanding dining room table anymore.


  1. Nice work matey - the rifles on Vics ladies have a great silhouette. I also hear you on small fiddly bits and superglue! I just put some sisters together and the threat of plastic stuck to myself was high!

    1. Thank you. Good intentions have bit the dust though. No painting managed this week.

      Love the look of your Orks though. I plan on revitalising mine and haven't been helped by the Ramshackle Jet Bike kickstarter with his piranha head jet bikes!