Friday, 14 April 2017

The Muster At Calth (Mini-Me Version)

Most recently, the muse has struck me with respect to the Horus Heresy plastics.

With some spare time available, I have completed some further work on the two MkIII armour squads and begun the basics on a further two MkIV squads.

I have some of the FW exclusives to catch up on as well.  The work never stops.

After these and following another FW purchase, I'll be building up some MkIV Night Lords adversaries for the UMs.


  1. OOooh very nice, very purposeful. Even if they are smurfs.

    1. I know. Smurfs!!

      I got onto the colour scheme at the beginning of 2nd Ed which, I think, was before the exemplary ideal of what a Space Marine is vibe began.

      Still love the colour scheme though.