Thursday, 26 April 2018

Shameless Warrior Nun Kickstarter Plug

I've already mentioned the KS from Anvil for their "Daughters of the Burning Rose" project.

The KS is funded and more fun stuff is being displayed and added all the time.

I'm more into the sci fi versons of the Nuns but, if you want, you could probably come up with rules for some alternate Renaissance female bodyguard for Leonardo da Vinci.....

Now unlocked, the concept art for an assassin.

Familiars.  Cute puppy, bionic ferret and a cyber panther with a frickin' eyeball laser (in my opinion)

Test print for an Abbess.  To my mind she's St Praxedes from the original GW Sisters of Battle codex.

Psyker, witch, heretic?  Whatever fits into your chosen games system. Well, maybe not Black Powder or Bolt Action!

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