Sunday, 10 June 2018

Back Home and Back To Work

As well as the usual ongoing Imperial Guard work, here's some of what I've gathered while I've been away.  

First up, the Knight Castellan. This is the job for this afternoon.  I'm still awaiting my Renegade box set as well.

From Warlord, their 10th Anniversary Holy Grail vignette.

Some of the GW limited models from various celebrations in 2018.

A nice blue coat waiting for the artillery crews courtesy of Curious Constructs.

A control box ready for adding to a Sacristan Shrine for the Knights.

From Anvil Industries, a cyber steampunk warrior Beefeater.  I think I'll go for the Blue version of the uniform for this one.  It could make a nice Inquisitor to go with the Praetorians.

1 comment:

  1. I live that Holy Grail model, and the Beefeater is inspired!