Tuesday, 3 July 2018

When You Can't Stop Starting New Projects...

As someone who still likes Rough Riders, I'm always on the lookout for some GW Empire Pistolier horses.  I have found out that it is often cheaper to just buy a box of Pistoliers direct from GW when they are back in stock online.  Normally I used to eBay on the rest of the sprues once I'd removed the horses.

On this occasion though I decided to start using up some of the multitude of Cadian bits I still have.

Ta Daaaaaaaa!

Ventrillian Nobles, one squad of.  Bless them.  These guys are GW's spiritual successors to the Praetorians after they starred in the Glazer's Creek rematch in last month's White Dwarf

Nice and simple.  Cadian legs and arms along with the Pistoliers armoured torsos, swords and feathered helmets. Chuck in some backpacks from Warzone's Imperial conscripts (bedroll removed) and ready for some paint in the next week or so.

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