Thursday, 11 October 2018

Plague Ridden

I've never bought into a really Chaosy Chaos army before.  Yes I hbad the 2nd Ed models onward painted as Night Lords but I never went for Daemons or the Big Four Marked armies.

As a result of Conquest though, it looks like I'm into Nurgle now.  I bought a shop copy of issue 2 and then after receiving my subscription issues 2 and 6, I have three sets of the easy build Death Guard.  So far I've built up four models as per the instructions and then done some hacking and green stuffing on the others for some variety.

The first five painted up. The model second from left has had some arm swaps and hacking to give him a power claw and a bolter..

The remaining four.  One has the cannon and the others are two of the Champion models with green stuff smoothed over the torso mouths and a plasma gun removed from the Champion's backpack and given to the bolter model. I just need to look at some bits seller to buy shoulder pads, helmeted heads and bolters to add some variety.

I also have two sets of the easy build Poxwalkers.  Since this photo I have carried out some arm swaps for variety.

I'l post more updates once I receive more issues and progress with the painting.

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