Sunday, 10 February 2019

A Pack Of Jackals.

Giving more fuel to my hopes that future iterations of Guard will be better proportioned than the plastic Cadians are the Genestealer Cult Jackals. 

After a quick trip to the Sorting Office this morning, I was able to spend the afternoon putting the models together. 

To me, the weakest link is the Alphus. There is no customisation of the model although it does look good. 

Considering the price, most would probably be better off buying a box of Jackals with mates and each converting an Alphus with a sniper rifle from a bits box. 

More as I finish off the second box.  Then I move onto the three Ridge runners advance ordered from Kirton Games.

Meanwhile, the latest Praetorians look on with trepidation at the new pale skinned, bumpy headed arrivals and their new toys.

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