Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Just When You Make An Impact On One Pile...

Because all Wargamers never actually learn, the next pile of shame is beginning to build.

I am working away from home but thanks to that all important internet access, the following may be waiting once I'm back.

Courtesy of Forbidden Planet:

Two more Rhino issues of Warhammer Conquest.

From Hachette:

Two issues of Lt Calsius.

From Games Workshop:

Two boxes of Pistoliers (to mine the heads for Ventrillian Nobles).
A box of Sector Mechanicus bases (to fully base the Primaris Ultramarines models).
Feirros (Iron Hands I know but will be a UM Primaris Techmarine by the time I've finished).

From Kirton Games:

Two sets of Renegade Heads.
Two sets of Renegade Torsos.
Once I've secured some leg bits, twenty more renegades to join the Blood Pact.

Oh, and a £15 gamble on the Catachan Colonel raffle.

I now need to step away from the digital shopping cart.

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