Saturday, 6 August 2011

Early Days for the Army

Having been raised on a diet of Sunday afternoon Classic films, it was a no-brainer that an Imperial Guard army based on Zulu with its Redcoated, Pith helmet imagery would have to be mine.  I initially picked up the Big Toof River set and was able to find a second one later.  After that there was no looking back and GW Mail Order did a lively trade from me, especially in heavy bolter gunner bodies so that I could liberate their heads to make my Rough Riders.

These were created during 2nd Edition 40K using Rogue Trader era Riders with Praetorian heads.  The five above were initially a RR Command Squad when such a thing existed, now they get linked up with the otther squad to make a full ten man gang.

More to follow.

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