Monday, 15 August 2011

Mustering the Forces.

I finally found some time today to muster the entire army as shown below.

Above are the Command HQ and Chimera with Platoons One and Two in the background.

Located above are Creed and Kell with their Command Squad and Chimera (note to self, must work out a new identity for the Special characters).  The pith helmet Ogryn is used to represent Nork Deddog.  The medic for the squad is Sororita Hospitaller.  As an Army Commander I feel he could request something above a standard IG medic.

Located in the background is the Armoured Fist Platoon consisrting of Command and two Squads.

Ratlings, Ogryns and Veteran squads are shown next.  The front squads are the kilted veterans with two further squads at the back.  Grouped around the base of the Valyrie are the Army's Stormtroopers.  There are also two Rough Rider squads.  The front squad has been made using Col Gravis's new RR sculpts.

Finally the armoured strength of the Army. Seven Sentinels and four leman Russ variants.

To fnish with,  close ups of the wing mounted TL Lascannon for the Vendetta.

Comments, critiques are always welcome.


  1. Lovely job, really nice to see the whole force mustered! Love the Kilted conversions especially!

  2. Have you any plans for basing the models BTW?