Monday, 6 April 2015

Quick Orky Interlude from Imperial Guard

Having smashed in a load of re-enforcements to my Praetorians, I'm indulging some Blood Axe Orkiness to avoid the danger of IG fatigue.

After being on an enforced period in London recently I visited Dark Sphere after a pilgrimage to the revamped Imperial War Museum.  I saw their Kromlech rack and bought some of the WWII inspired Ork weapons and bits to knock up some more Kommandoes.  I think the British weapons pack is no longer available from the Kromlech website so I was happy to see these.

As a result, I have six WWII British Commando inspired Orks to paint.


  1. Did you ever hear the ska/regge version of 'The Guns of Navarone' ? Cos when I saw those figures, That's what I hear...

    1. Never heard of that one but I'll have to look it up now.