Thursday, 9 July 2015

My Shameful first army was Ultramarines!!!

Unfortunately, due to short notice work requirements, I've not really had the time to post much for over 3 months now.

As I'm also in the process of getting stuck into some of the new Space Marine kits, I'd though I'd post some photos of the current iteration of my Space Marines army.  Now, as I started my indulgence in 40K shortly after the release of the 2nd Edition, my first army was Ultramarines.  There has been different variations of the army in that 21(?) years with a lot of the older models going the way of car boot sales or eBay, especially after the launch of 3rd Edition in 1998.  Some of the older metal/plastic hybrids still survive amongst the Tactical squads and I'll follow up with some detailed photos of the squads later.

Shown below is the extent of the painted models I have with lots more unpainted (more Vanguard and Sternguard to make up a full 1st Company along with the already painted Terminators) or under construction (new Assault, Tactical and Devastator Marines).  In addition, there are some other projects such as the 8th Reserve Company Command Squad (all with jump packs).

The army primarily consists of a full 2nd Company with elements of the 1st, 10th, 6th and 7th in support.


More to follow over the next couple of days as I'm under some enforced rest time!


  1. OMG ! Not just Spaze Muhreens...

    But actual Ultra Smurfs !!! Oh ! The Shame !

    Great looking army, though. Nice to see an entire company paraded. You just can't do half units can you ?

  2. Nope. Even in 3rd Ed, I never went for 6 man Las-Plas squads. It was always 5 or 10. I have plenty of unpainted at the moment but they may feature in a future post as I detail upcoming projects. The UMs have never been finished though. Even now, there is the odd Marine in the photos without his squad markings. By posting them, I'm hoping to give myself some more motivation.

  3. It's ok! Really it is. We forgive you.

    I have to admit though seeing the pics is like a blast from the past. (I say this with all honesty) The way they're painted could truly be considered Codex Standard. Crisp, Clean, mostly with squad markings, etc... It's also nice seeing the old Character models, as most people seem to only want to use the newer ones as of late.

    1. Tigurius especially. The new figure just doesn't match the class of the 2nd Ed model.