Saturday, 11 July 2015

Ultramarines - Assault and Devastator Squads (or Shock and Awe).

For today's post, I'll round off the Ultramarines 2nd Company.

Now the majority of these are the first version of the Assault plastics with some upgrades from the follow up version.  I am currently building up a further 10 Marine Squad from the brand new sets.  At present I'm undecided if I'll paint those up as a squad from the 8th Reserve Company or replace one of these squads as 2nd Company.  I'll have to see how the muse takes me.

VII Squad

VIII Squad

IX Squad.  On the back row are two metal/plastic hybrid Heavy Bolters.  Same as for the Assault Squads, I am currently building up 12 Heavy Weapon equipped Devastators from the new box set (after purchasing six more Devastator legs from an eBay bits seller).

X Squad

So that is the foot power of the 2nd Company, a full 100 rank and file Marines plus the Command Squad.  Of course with the new rules, if I field them as two demi-companies, I can include a second command squad to accompany a Chaplain.  As the current Chaplain has a jump pack, I will be painting up another 2nd Ed Chaplain to accompany this squad.

For future posts, I'll include the 1st Company Terminators and the 10th Company Scouts.  Moving on from there it will be the support units I add to the main force consisting of bikes, Land Speeders and Dreadnoughts.

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