Sunday, 30 August 2015

Now I have a Baneblade!

Holiday periods can be dangerous to your bank balance and available shelf space.  After picking up the Stormlord recently, I was tempted by a second hand Baneblade (only £35) but it was lacking a turret hatch.  Being armed with a decent bits box that was no problem.

At present the tank now has a non-glued in place mash up of a spare Rhino cupola with an IG stormbolter.  Throw in a Curious Constructs tank commander and there is no doubt that he wants his Superheavy to go "Over there!"

As for the Stormlord.  The tank now has two butchered Praetorian mortar crew acting as gunners for the stubbers.  The black and grey scheme is the one I am thinking of using for three veteran squads that will form its infantry attachment.  This follows on from my previous musings that the Stormlord would have its own infantry permanently attached rather than be used by all and sundry.  As far as I'm aware there is no laid down precedent for that in the background but does it really matter?


  1. Dedicated troops in the Stormlordie; absolutely. Plenty of IRL precedent for dedicated troops with their own organic transport/IFV. And the purpose of art is to hold a mirror up to life, so no problems there.

    Looking forward to seeing you pick out all of those rivets in a contrasting colour...

    1. You might be waiting a long time. I'm Mr Basic Paint Job....with heavy emphasis on the Basic.

      Thank you for your feedback.