Sunday, 9 August 2015

Two Fisted Action All The Way......

You've met the majority of the troops now here comes Big Mac Daddy Marneus Calgar. 
The 40K 2nd Ed model is further down the page but for sheer blinginess, you can't beat his Terminator variant with attendant Honour Guard.  I'm actually tempted to get the new Forgeworld HH Suzerain set just for more of the eagle masks but that will ultimately be dependant on the release of those HH plastics that have appeared around the tinternet AND FW having free delivery to GW stores.  I am not paying FW P&P charges!

Now I am tempted to strip these down and repaint but that's yet another project on the To Do list.

 The Librarius Conclave.  I am more of a 2nd Ed Tigurius fan than his current incarnation.

The 1st Company Terminators.  One of my current off camera projects is the painting up of the built plastic Sternguard and Vanguard.  Along with those pictured above, they form a full 1st Company.

I loved this guy in 2nd Ed.  Give him a jump pack (spare Wargear card selection) and launch him into that Genestealer Brood.  Due to his fists, they didn't get a bonus for outnumbering so every combat was effectively fought one on one and if I remember correctly, Marneus was no slouch on the WS count.

Metal Vanguard and Sternguard awaiting their plastic reinforcements.

I've singled out the Terminators below as these are prepared in advance just in case standard SMs get a Terminator Command Squad.  They use a mixture of standard Terminators along with Grey Knight, Forgeworld and Wolf Guard bits.


  1. Wow. You're a man after my own heart.

  2. Ah yes, the Glory Boys. Perfect Armor, no scratches, no dirt, no damage. I see they not only managed to keep the boot polished but their swords clean. Did they even partake in the battle, or did they wait until the Guard had won the war and then dropped in to claim the Glory?

    Sorry, I just couldn't resist but Really though, Love the models especially seeing all the old ones. I never realized how Calgar had changed in size over the editions, but I never really was interested in the Ultramarines.

    1. I know! Pretty easy to look good when you've been genetically engineered and altered plus equipped with gear that makes you a walking tank. Throw in a gun that fires rocket propelled exploding bullets rather than a glorified torch.....